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Isn't Demo content included with theme?


  • webjockey started the conversation

    This is my first day with any Static site generator ( I am 10+ years WordPress user ) and I am loving Publii so so much.

    Thank you so so much for making something so beautiful. 

    Anyways, after installing Publii, I activated portofilo theme and then clicked preview, I was expecting to see a full demo ( along with the demo content and images ) exactly like this -  https://getpublii.com/themes/demo/portfolio/

    I am used to the WordPress theme installation process where Demo content also get included with theme so that the user can get full-on demo experience and then can later change the image/contents or delete them. 

    Isn't this same here on Publii as well?

    Here is what I see when I click the preview website - http://url.digitallyup.stream/73b99f

    A clean index.html. Is something wrong? If not, please help me how to get demo enabled?

    Thank you.

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    Bob, replied

    Hi webjockey ,

    Delivering content demo is connected with additional work and constant care for updates: the themes and the demo package. 

    We are a small team and develop Publii without any profit, this is why we can not yet give you full support.

    Unlike other CMS and the tedious process of setting up your, site Publii comes with a simple theme system: you have a blank page because you just have to publish some content (post). That's it. Your website will be built automatically when you deliver content. 

    Do you appreciate the support you've received today? If so, consider donating to the Publii team by clicking here; we'll be sure to use your donation to make Publii even better!

  • webjockey replied

    Hi Bob, 
    Thank you for the response. 
    Oh! I fully understand and highly appreciate what you guys are doing with Publii. 

    I thought I was missing something and hence asked about the demo content. But if it's like this by default, I am all okay with it. 

    Having said that, it still should show something on the homepage, rather than showing blank/broken page. http://url.digitallyup.stream/73b99f

    Perhaps there is some issue either with the new update or with my installation. Sara at https://publii.ticksy.com/ticket/1807105/#comment-9136506 was also mentioning the same issue I believe. 

    Anyways, let me dive more into it. 

    Thank you again.