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Post sorting, pagination


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    Mathias started the conversation

    I believe there is already a ticket about this, but I can't find it anymore.

    The scenario is the following. 

    Suppose I have some posts with titles that are numbered, eg.

    100. My first page

    110. My second post

    120. Etc.

    I want to order posts ascending by Post Title. My posts are numbered so it makes sense in my use case.

    This means, my home will show posts 100, 110, 120 etc., until (let's say) 150

    At the bottom of the page, there is a pagination button that says "Previous". It will direct to posts 160, 170, 180 etc.

    But! 160 > 150. The button should not state "Previous" but "Next" in this case.

    Similarly all the subsequent Previous/Next navigation is wrong.

    It's possible to fix this with hbs theme overrides but it would be nice if the themes could take this scenario into account by default.

    I will attach my theme overrides so you can see how I fixed the problem in 1 particular case.

    Attached files:  mercury-override.zip

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    Bob, replied

    HI Mathias,

    The next release ought to do the trick.


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    Mathias replied

    Thanks, Bob!