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Publii can't deal with tags with a comma


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    Mathias started the conversation

    I have tags that contain a comma. When I select such a tag, it will instead create 2 new tags!

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    Bob, replied

    HI Mathias,

    I don't think it is a good idea to have a multi-word tag separated by a comma. Tag is tag;  two tags are two tags.smile.png

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    Mathias replied

    Well, I have a website with music scores. The tags are authors. So I have tags like "Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus", to ensure the tags are sorted by last name when I list them. I took out the commas now but surely it would be a good practice to escape the comma's in your code? Or is this intentional? Do you want to allow users to create a multitude of tags by entering them with comma's?