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adding background image to card


  • Alex Bell started the conversation

    I am new to the publii world as of today but am still embarrassed to ask what must be the most simple question ever. I simply cannot figure out how to specify the background image for Tattoo theme cards....or....background images for mercury theme cards. I looked at the html/css at the relevant pages to look for relevant style names to give me clues, but I am stuck. How can this be?

    I would expect there to be a capability on the "post creation page" to specify a background image but do not see such a thing. Is there  an expectation that I need to jump into the html editor and add all of the "responsive" image links? I would guess not.

    As I said, I am new to publii,  might be using some incorrect terminology, and hope you can extrapolate something sane from what I have written.

    I thank you in advance for any thoughts on this.


  • Alex Bell replied

    Never mind, the "stats" information was occluding what I was looking for! Sorry!